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Who Makes Cadillac Cars?

Are you curious to know who makes Cadillac cars? Well, General Motors is the company, which makes Cadillac cars.

General Motors also makes different models of Chevrolet cars. Cadillac cars were founded by Henry Leland in the year 1902 and the company produced around 2,500 cars after which it was sold to William Durant, founder of General Motors. By the year 2014, General Motors acquired around 20 different brands and still continues with the brand “Cadillac”. We now know who makes Cadillac. Now let’s get to know more about the different models of Cadillac.

Cadillac 2017 ATS Coupe:

cadillac ats coupe

Cadillac 2017 ATS coupe has stunning exterior looks and offers an impressive performance for the price range of $37,595. It comes with 6 speed manual transmission or 8 speed automatic transmission option. Cadillac ATS coupe 2017 has an 8 inch android touchscreen, Apple Carplay for infotainment, and also 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

Cadillac ATS V Coupe 2017:

cadillac ats v coupe

Cadillac ATS V coupe comes integrated with a 464-horsepower twin turbo charged engine with 8 speed automatic transmission and also has a suspension that is electronically adjustable.The cabin style of ATS V coupe 2017 falls between Jaguar XF and BMW M3. The interior of Cadillac ATS V coupe is not as great as Jaguar XF, but better than BMW M3.

This car has a performance Data Recorder, which records your driving session using which you can analyze your speed, steering angle, and also a G-Force Meter.

Cadillac ATS V Coupe’s twin turbo charged Engine is much more powerful than what experts have felt before driving the car. This car can reach a speed of 0-60 mph within 3.8 seconds because of its 464 horsepower and 445 pound feet of torque on tap. Cadillac ATS V coupe 2017 is priced at $62,895.

2017 Cadillac CTS Sedan:

cadillac cts sedan

Cadillac CTS sedan has a well trimmed cabin engaging cabin and highly cutting edge styling. It has strong acceleration in the V sport form. It has earned high scores in crash test, which is one of the brownie points for this car. Another pro for this car as mentioned above is the sophisticated styling and excellent handling in this segment. The cabin of 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan has been loaded with excellent quality materials and top notch technology. Coming to the cons, Cadillac CTS sedan lacks refinement and is not as spacious as its rivals in the same segment. It also has a small trunk.

The technology used in this sedan is same as the technology used in Cadillac ATS coupe, which is equipped with the latest touchscreen, Apple Car Play and android infotainment. A new feature added to this car is the surround view parking camera for 2017.

Additional Features of Cadillac CTS Sedan:

Cadillac CTS sedan is available in 6 versions: Standard, Luxury, Premium, Performance, V-sport and V-sport Premium.

CTS sedan standard version comes with 4 cylinder engine, rear parking sensors, remote ignition and keyless ignition and entry. One of the impressive features is its dual zone automatic climate control.

CTS luxury version is equipped with the above seating package and also other features like adaptive xenon headlights, four-way power lumbar etc. The audio quality is pretty decent with the 13 speaker Bose audio system.

CTS performance version is equipped with surround view camera system for higher trims. Also there is another impressive feature called optional driver assist package, which adds adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation system with automatic breaking.

CTS V-sport version comes with turbocharged V6 engine.It has sports tuned steering and self parking system. Also,it has heavy duty cooling system.

CTS V-sport premium has a sunroof and upgraded braking system added to V-sport system and also sport tuned suspension.

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We hope that is all that you needed to know about who makes Cadillac cars and different versions of Cadillac. Feel free to add more information on Cadillac cars if you know any, and express your opinions so that we may further enhance the information listed on this page.