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Cadillac Ciel Price Tag | Concept, Specifications and Release Date

Cadillac car makers always come with revolutionary concepts and amaze their audience. This time, it is the new Cadillac Ciel, which is creating a buzz in the market. Let us get into details about the Cadillac Ciel price tag and also its specifications and release date. Cadillac Ciel is a new hybrid concept car the release date of which  is expected this year as the market is thirsty for such concept models. Cadillac Ciel price 2016, which was rumored around other websites, was completely fake. The company is planning to change the Cadillac Ciel price tag for 2017, which is yet to be known

Cadillac Ciel Price Tag and Release Date:

Cadillac Ciel is expected to release by the end of this year i.e. around November or December 2017. The new 2017 Cadillac Ciel price tag is expected to be around 100 thousand dollars.

2017 Cadillac Ciel Specs:

Ciel is expected to launch in the coupe convertible style. It has 22 inch wheels and 125 inch wheel base. Overall, this model is expected to have a high class and super elegant look. There are touch sensitive pads on door handles (all the 4 doors). In the interior, we can find holographic instrumentation and cabin trimmed with very soft leather. The wood used in the interior is Italian Olive, which catches the eyes of passengers.

Cadillac Ciel price tag

The seating system is expected to be remodeled with the latest heating systems and also front seats are adjustable to give sufficient leg room for the front seat passengers. Cadillac Ciel is going to be equipped with the latest infotainment and navigation system and best connectivity features too.

cadillac ciel interior

2017 Cadillac Ciel is going to come with the latest 3.6 Twin Turbocharged V6 engine good for an output power of 420hp and a hybrid version of this is also expected.

cadillac ciel 2017 engine

This hybrid engine is expected to be connected to a lithium-ion battery and a dual electric motor on a rear and front axle, which increases the weight but does not have impact on the driving experience.

Fuel efficiency is expected to improve when compared to the previous models of Cadillac yielding 19 miles on a single gallon on the city streets and around 29 miles on a single gallon on the highway roads.

The Cadillac Ciel concept was projected in the year 2011, but the car hasn’t entered production phase due to various reasons. But now, due to the prevailing condition in the market, it is expected that Cadillac Ciel will be launched by the year end of 2017.


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